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Protein/Muscle Gainers/Meal Replacements

Weight Gain Stack Rs.13247/-

(Plus Courier Charges)

Muscle Mass 3000 WEIGHT GAINER

4.5 Kgs     Rs. 5999/-

Rich concentration of WHEY PROTEIN + Essential amino acids + Vitamins + carbohydrates + BCCA

USE :Mix 150g in 450ml of water or milk every day. Consume preferably between meals or after training.


800 G    Rs. 3899/-

Creatine Pruvate + Superfruit and Antioxidant blend that enhance NITRIC OXIDE (NO) production- which promotes optimal blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles. Increases Mental Alertness and Thermoregulation. Activates full on Muscle Pumps


120 Caps     Rs. 3349/-

Testosterone booster, anti-estrogen and anabolic growth optimizer. Maximizes Muscle Growth and Fat Burning Prosses.


Health Stack Rs.8423/-

(Plus Courier Charges)

Delicious Whey Protein ENDURANCE & RECOV

2.2 Kg     Rs. 6499/-

47 g of whey protein per serving. Zero sugar and aspartame free. Contains concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate whey protein

USE :Mix 60g of powder in 500ml of skimmed milk or water, preferably first thing in the morning, after training, or before bed.


60 Caps    Rs. 1149/-

Its concentration is superior to 100% of the recommended daily allowances. A regular use helps to fight against potential deficiencies. Mega 100 is essential for all athletes and activities.

USE :Take 1 cap with water every day, preferably with breakfast.

Omega 3

60 Caps     Rs. 775/-

Omega 3 is one of the essential fatty acids that are vital to the human body, though the body cannot produce them. Composed of 18% of EPA and 12% of DHA, it contributes to the maintenance of the normal function of the heart and the brain.

USE :Take 5 caps with water every day, preferably during a meal.


Weight Loss Stack Rs.10197/-

(Plus Courier Charges)

Protein Casein 92 MUSCLE TONING

1.5 Kg     Rs. 5349/-

Composed with calcium caseinate and micellar caseine, this formula is ideal for the maintenance of a lean muscle mass. With 37g of protein and almost zero carbohydrates and fat, Protein 92 is perfectly suited to all types of activities.

USE :Mix 40g in 30 cl of water or cold milk every day.


60 Caps    Rs. 1499/-

Helps transport fat to the muscle to be burned as energy. Supports endurance and athletic performance in humans.

USE :Take minimum 1 cap with water every day, preferably before training.


135 Caps     Rs. 3349/-

It increases calorie consumption by 12 times, supplies greater oxygen uptake so that even while training harder we are comfortable. It also suppresses the body’s ability to store fat and inhibits the growth of new fat cells.

USE :Take 3 capsules twice daily with water (Morning / Evening).


Muscle Development Stack Rs.10497/-

(Plus Courier Charges)

Metapure Mass + LEAN MUSCLE MASS

2.5 Kg     Rs. 5499/-

Amazing results as Zero Carbs and ultra-filtered lactose -free whey protein isolate make this formula easily digestible. Contains essential amino acids, including BCAA’s.

USE :Mix 60g in minimum 50 cl of water, Consume daily, preferably between meals and most important after exercise.


500 G    Rs. 2849/-

L-glutamine is one of 20 natural amino acids. It Protects muscles during training. And increases the volume of muscles.

USE :Mix 6g with water or juice every day. Take immediately after training.


30 Days Pack     Rs. 2149/-

Mega-Vitek is one packet per day formula contains advanced multivitamin and nutrient formula created to support muscular development.

USE :Take 1 packet with water every day, during a meal.


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